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The Tribe


Who's your Tribe?

The COPO tribe is for adventurous, tender-hearted, creative people--and those of us who kinda wish we were.  Are you longing to live a life that reaches far beyond yourself?  Do you love the idea of helping the least of these, but don't always have the time, resources, or even know how to start?  Let us introduce you to the missing link.  It's connection that allows you to advocate on behalf of the men and women in Rwanda, Africa. You will become part of our COPO family--where you will know our artisans and they will know you.    

The Tribe is created for people who love our product and the artisans as much as we do! We are looking to create a community that is passionate about advocating on behalf of the men and women in Rwanda, in a way that allows them to be providers for their families.We are seeking to find individuals who are determined, passionate, involved, persistent, driven, and seeking to do more than pursue the “American Dream”.

Blood in Blood out--I'm talking about Jesus' blood...what were you expecting...

Your tribe commitment would include actively spreading the heart of COPO--however you feel the most comfortable.  Do you love to inspire on social media?  Be the first one to know the new trends and rub your friends face in it;)?  Do you enjoy writing? sharing with your small groups, speaking to churches?  Be creative!  We want to empower you to advocate in the unique way that God designed you to use your voice.  We dream of a grass-roots movement driven by people who love people more than trends.  We want you to dream with us--be a part of the creativity movement.  Telling our artisan's stories, sharing their creations, and wearing them proudly

We ask that you are actively spreading the heart of COPO. We desire for you to learn about the products, but most importantly to learn about about the artisans and their stories. We want to use our platforms in the social media world to promote a movement that is greater than ourself, to be wholeheartedly dedicated.

We ask that you:

  • Have a genuine interest to raise awareness.
  • Share on your social media accounts weekly.
  • Talk about COPO, artisans, and product
  • Use your voice and influence in your communities and extracurricular activities. 
  • Enjoy your discounts that you earn on our unique products.


Share the stories, love the product, enjoy the discounts!

If you are interested in becoming a tribe member, please click on the link below.