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Each Artisan has a story, and every story is truly beautiful.

Denise M - Name Tag.JPG

Denise is 29 years old and is from the village of Karenge in Rwanda. She is married to Emmanuel and together they have two children. Before COPO, Denise had never worked a job and only cultivated her personal land. Her COPO earnings have allowed her to purchase new clothes for her family as well a rabbits that she can breed and sell. Her dream over the next year is to increase her income and grow the amount of animals she owns. Denise grew up in the church with her mom and used the church as her refuge from her rough family life. After marrying her husband, they have since joined the church in her village where they are continuing to grow together in faith.

Francine N - Name Tag.JPG

Francine is 37 years old and is from the village of Kumuyumbu. She is married to Isumael and together they have 3 children. Francine’s favorite color is red, and she loves to eat bananas! When we asked Francine what COPO means to her she explained how it was an answered prayer. She now has more financial assurance and is able to help purchase food for her family. With her earnings she has been able to purchase a goat, which has since produced babies that she has been able to sell for a profit. She also is now able to afford to send her children to school. Since joining COPO and becoming a born-again believer, she has joined her church and has seen a major change in her household and marriage. Francine receives joy by seeing her children go to school every day and not seeing them sick anymore from having no food to eat.

I could live life without COPO because I have Jesus and life would just be hard. But all things work together for a His good and that is why COPO has come.
— Francine N.